A different point of view

Sunday was the day of rest for the weedies so we took a six hour bushbash, and what a bash it was. I have the scratches on my forearms from crashing through the underbrush, and a bruised ego due to my s l o w descents on open rock, to prove it.

It was fabulous because it took us to a part of the island we didn’t get to last time, largely because the bush was thick we thought it impassable. Apparently, it wasn’t.

We saw the compound from the northeast.

Three cairns, if you count one with about five rocks in it, but definitely manmade.



A sea eagle’s nest spilling from the cliff face. It must have been at least six feet tall.


We lunched at the base of the elusive pulpit rock. It was a perfect day.

From sea level, we just “popped up” the hill, through the brush, “popped along the ridge”, through said brush, to another hill, then descended along a slip sliding rock dirt slope. I wasn’t pretty.


But the views were stunning, the company fun and the swim in Garden Cove at the end was outstanding.