Garden’s bounty

My garden was moderately bountiful but it didn’t produce anything as large as this Hubbard squash.


This is a new food to me but is known by most people in the North Country. It’s a winter squash and reportedly very sweet. I’ll find out once I am able to wrestle it into the oven. My friend cut her’s with a band saw. I’m left with merely a bread knife.

My garden did grow a bunch of carrots and I harvested them and the lettuce and mustard greens. I left the last arugula crop in place because it looked so happy where it was.



My lichens fermented for over a month and I tried to dye a wool/alpaca blend with them. For naught. I got slightly beige.


But my pandas are playful and a success.


Reaping and sewing

My latest gift quilt has been delivered and used for a few nights.

20140815-081141.jpg I managed to prevent Tim from running off with it and installing it in his cabin. Patience.

In a mad rush, I thought I would sew a dress for the weekend wedding (the day before). I hesitated when the pattern had 13 pieces and should have stopped when I realized they all had duplicate lining pieces for a total 26 pieces. I got all the way to the hem and decided not to wear it. Now I can leisurely hem it and restrict wearing it to when I clean the house.

The garden is providing plenty of green beans, arugula and tomatoes are just starting to ripen.



And the flowers are to dye for.