Can you carry (canoe carry)?

I have a dear friend who loves the Adirondacks even more than me. She and her family were here last weekend and proposed a canoe trip. Really a canoe circumnavigation of several lakes with four fairly long portages, a nice word for long walks lugging your boat. I think the paddling was about 10 miles and carries totaled about 3 miles.

We brought our two kayaks and also brought wheels. It was still pretty hard getting over the portages. My kayak weighs about 42 pounds and Tim’s is around 60 lbs.

By the end of our seven hour journey, I could barely get myself out of the boat. It was too cold to swim but I managed to get wet anyway. I flipped the boat getting in and dumped myself in the water. Very graceful.

Taking a break
The happy family
We made it

When we got home, we looked up lightweight canoes. But really, I love my kayak, which I bought in 1996. For a long time, I considered it my best leisure investment. So we’ll just have to avoid the carries.

2 thoughts on “Can you carry (canoe carry)?

  1. My Dad and I used to canoe into St. Regis Pond quite often to camp & fish, especially in spring for brook trout. We lived in SL and went in via Little Clear. I remember lugging all that gear through the bugs while Dad portaged our aluminum 4 man Grumman. I remember HUGE bullfrog polywogs. Are they still there I wonder? Dad caught a huge brook trout in there one spring, 24″ stem to stern. We had it mounted for him for Christmas. He had it in the freezer & Mom made us boys lie & pretend we had left the freezer door open so she had to throw it out while it was at the taxidermist so it would be a surprise. The little plaque we had made reads “Tom Monroe, April 1977, St. Regis Pond”. I would send you a photo of it if you’d like. It still hangs on my wall.


    • What a great remembrance. I think we heard the rubber band sound of the bullfrogs. My fishing skills are seriously lacking but I always enjoy my time.


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