Our home away from home

I never tire of this view of the compound from Barn Hill. The cluster of buildings is the compound, which includes the Museum in the former superintendent’s house, the workshop/garage, fuel, generator and radio sheds and the garden. Our house is surrounded by the trees which serve as a much needed wind break. Weather has been mostly fine, although I don’t see that term used in the weather report lately. We had a good downpour two days ago.Yesterday misted on and off as the clouds drifted by but we both went swimming in Garden Cove, a beautiful cliff lined beach, after we finished some projects around the house. We had seen some red jelly fish last week but they seem to have drifted away. Boaters reported they only had a mild sting, and tasted pretty good cooked. No thank you to both.

The handy sewing machine in the house is is carrying its load. Yesterday I used silk thread I brought to weave, to sew a plastic window screen to place on the entrance door where visitors check out the maps and come to talk to us. Next I found some material to cover the arms of a recliner which has the foam popping out of it. Now I can get back to weaving.

The last of our recent crew of visitors left yesterday so we are on our own for the first time this trip. We love to talk to visitors but we also love to have the island to ourselves. I guess that’s why we enjoy care taking in remote settings. I had decent enough internet where I did some work work. So strange to renew a patient’s script from 16,000 km away!

Here’s a reverse of the first photo looking up towards Barn Hill. You can see part of the solar array that provides our power on the right. It encourages me to use all the electric appliances in the house. I have used the bread maker, rice cooker and slow cooker. Tim doesn’t follow me around turning lights off as much as he does at home. The garden is enclosed in green screen to block the wind and keep most of the animals out. It’s fully enclosed with chicken wire and netting. To the left is the workshop, which is organized quite well this year. We’ve spent plenty of time working on projects in there in bad weather. It sings in the wind. The Museum has a wonderful collection and is housed in the nicest building with the three chimneys. It is partially obscured by the paint and fuel sheds. In the foreground is an old pump house, tank site and very important plumbing fixture for our water supply.

And the lighthouse from afar. We couldn’t see it most of yesterday due to the fog. Tim heard a boat’s foghorn and I went out to look for the boat. He pointed out how silly an idea that was. I never saw it.

One thought on “Our home away from home

  1. Looks great! Sounds good!👌
    I just got back from 2 Weeks
    in NY and Florida
    Had a good time letting myself be pampered – now back to work too
    Both good! Xx Elena


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