Breakfast in bed

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and internet streaming.

We passed our practical and written boating course, the written with flying colors, and we both won prizes – boating knives. I can drive a trailer, turn a boat around in a tight circle, make turns at high speeds, and recover objects and dummies that fall over board. I couldn’t help a scream or two at the first high speed hairpin turns. Probably frowned upon while captaining. 

I floated in various cold water survival gear and learned this. When you fall in cold water, it takes about one minute to regulate your breathing, you have muscle control for about 10 minutes to do what you can, then you last for an hour before succombing to hypothermia. Happily I was trying the gear in warm water but cold air. 

We left Seattle behind and headed to Sequim to prepare for stage 2 of our trip, which was dependent upon us passing stage 1. Hence breakfast, et al, in bed. We are in a brand new tiny house, at the Dungeness wildlife refuge, that is not quite outfitted yet. Our first purchase was toilet paper. No table but there is a bed and 2 folding chairs. 

Now we are learning about our responsibilities on the island. Sounds like we’ll mostly be cleaning bird poop. We learned one caretaker fell off the dock and drowned because it wasn’t clear of guano!

We’ve received too much information to process and will have the usual island turnover, maybe Monday. Head out in a narrow tide window, get a quick briefing of the systems, weather is turning, tide’s going out, got to go, bye!

Everyone we meet is super friendly here. Could it be due to legalized cannibis? We were even able to use our volunteer patches as proof of identification in one government office. 

We know we’re on the west coast. The grocery store has a wall full of different chiles. 
The best news is Tim Tams seem to be available throughout the US now I saw them in NY and they’re also available here. Thank you Australia! Go get yours and try a Tim Tam slam!

Back to the caretaker manual. 

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