Taco cups

We used to get hominy from our CSA. I tried, unsuccessfully, to make masa from it, which is the ground corn in tortillas. It was a process. Soak the corn in a lime solution for a day or so to soften it and loosen the hulls, which had to be rubbed off, then cook (? I think) and grind. I used a blender food processor and it never was fine enough. The best thing about it was I invested in a tortilla press. Now I just buy the masa, add a little salt and water and flatten the tortillas in the press.


Tonight we had taco cups. I don’t remember where I first saw this idea, but I took the cooked tortillas and squished them into the bottom of a muffin tin between the cups. Not IN the cups, but underneath them. A 12 muffin pan held 6 tacos. Then I baked them at 375 until they were crisp.

Next it was time to make our own tacos.



They were a so colorful, they reminded me of summer. hard to do since we had another 4-6 inches of wet, heavy snow yesterday. I wrestled the snow blower to clear the driveway and ran into rocks and deep slush along the way.

The down time indoors gave me the chance to make some headway on my fair isle vest. It’s knit in the round and when I’m finished I’ll steek (slash) the v-neck and two armholes. I love the colorwork.


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