Travel to Spring and back

This is the second year I have visited my daughter in DC in late winter, early spring and it really provides a boost for the spirit. I saw crocuses just in bloom and heard a wider variety of birds than my brave little chickadees and bluejays. One day the temperature rose to the 60’s and the next it dropped to the 20’s with gale force winds, which howled all night. Air travel has become less fun, it gets more expensive and they take away more. I got bumped, waited standby and happily made my flight home before the airport closed due to 4-6 inches of snow in DC. Really?

We traveled to Berkeley Springs, WV State Park (possibly the smallest state park in the country, one acre or so) and took to the waters, a scalding Roman bath, and had relaxing massages. We barely made it out of there with the shirts on our backs. I’m no prude, but nude dining doesn’t appeal to me, and not only because I am a messy eater.


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