I’m no Barbie

No one should be. I know this is old news, but someone figured she’d be 5’9″‘ with a 19″ waist, 35″ bust and feet so small she’d have to walk on all fours.
Barbie’s dimensions

I’m not your average, off the rack size either. Let’s just say my “core” is in the middle of a pear. There’s often a compromise in fit with dresses, coats and bathing suits. I may have the last one licked.

Sometime before the holiday, I went to a sale at a clothing maker’s house. She had a couple of yards of sparkly red swimsuit material and a pattern she said was easy and had good results. Now that my initial baby knitting and weaving is done, it was time for a project for me. One designed for me right from the beginning and not because a potential gift was flawed. The pattern is an old one from Stretch and Sew. It was easy to customize for me: small on top, not so small on bottom. It was a cinch. And it fits like a glove! Now to test it in the pool. I may still be the slowest but I bet I’m the only one in a home made bathing suit!


3 thoughts on “I’m no Barbie

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