It’s the small things

I’m unable to share some of my fabulous photographs because the internet still needs tweaking. Patience paid off today.

I kept hearing a humpback whale breathe just offshore. I could see the ripples it left after a dive. Then it would remain underwater for an eternity. I would go off and do something else, only to hear it again. The last time I caught it including a beautiful dive shot and everything. Only not on this camera- my iPhone.

Next I went to look at the eagles and the harlequin duck I saw yesterday. One of the eagles was on a mission and flew right overhead and…I was prepared with my camera.

On the iPhone today, I have a quilt I am taking a stab, truly, at hand quilting; the cute little pigeon guillemot, which roosts in the cliff and a sock.

I have knit a pair of socks for myself at each lighthouse caretaking spot. I sourced this yarn in Juneau. I hope to find some Quiviet fiber on my return trip.

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