Strings and strings

I worked on an overshot pattern I had on my floor loom for as long as I could tolerate it and then decided it was time for something else. Since I still had a lot of yarn warped, I decided to rethread it. It went easily but I made a bunch of mistakes in an 8″ warp!

Two threads were in the wrong heddles and I couldn’t just slide the right ones over because the area was closed in by threads. I needed to insert a new heddle and I remembered reading about string heddles. So I improvised and made a couple and saved the day – or at least the hour.

They work quite well and now I’m off weaving some huck lace from Judith Davison’s book of patterns.

There’s still a mistake, which is way more obvious in the photo than in real life but I couldn’t figure out, so it remains and becomes a design element.

My Ashford reed holder, double weave wall hanging is progressing slowly but nicely. It’s probably a good thing the lower layer will be against the wall.

I got a chance to use my yarn swift and nostespinne and wound a few balls of cascade 220 to begin Alice Starmore’s St. Brigid. I went down a needle size and eliminated the first chart to make a more fitted sweater.

At this point, I’m very proud of the ball of yarn. I’m not sure if the sweater will be done by Christmas but certainly by winter’s end.

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