Sandy swung west

And missed us. Many others were not so lucky. I was glued to the weather channel and CNN as water swept over some of my old haunts and harbors. 8.5 million people without power for several weeks due to damaged wires and transformers, which exploded. Cars floated in lower Manhattan and houses were destroyed by floods or fires.

We were spared but the County had taken emergency preparedness measures: schools, offices were closed and a talk I was scheduled to give today was postponed. And it turned out to be a beautiful day with a mild breeze.

I finished a pair of felted clogs for myself, which I may embellish with embroidery.

Then I headed to the wood pile and chopped wood until I couldn’t stand up straight. Maybe a week’s worth.



One thought on “Sandy swung west

  1. So glad you’re okay! It’s amazing how a storm can travel – my sister in Toronto received some buffeting and a couple of fallen trees in her neighbourhood, and they’re further away than you!

    I like the sight of a well stocked wood pile, and I’ve always found log splitting a great stress relief too. 🙂


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