Roofing 101

I’ve been hijacked from my knitting, quilting and weaving. Tim got a big boost on the cabin last weekend when Andre and Doug visited and helped figure out and lay the roof.

Then they left and he was stuck with me to finish up. I’m not much help since I don’t enjoy teetering off the tops of ladders or hanging from the rooftop.

Yesterday we were racing the weather. Sparks were flying.


Thunderstorms moved in and I didn’t think it was such a good idea to be on a hill, the highest point on our property, standing on an aluminum ladder while holding onto a tin roof. So I quit.


I have to admit, it was very cozy standing in the cabin, dry, while the storm moved through.


Today we finished up one side of the roof (check out Tim’s blog for photos) and I finally had a chance to play with fiber.

I finished a wedding quilt,


built a copper loom and had a chance to try tablet weaving. I borrowed the idea for the loom from another weaver.


Tablet or card weaving is so simple but can produce wonderful results I even had an aha moment.


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