Low ceiling

Low ceiling

We hiked Hurricane on Mother’s day. Our concern before beginning was the cloud cover would be too low to provide views. Close, but views were far reaching and beautiful.

Views to the Lake

We finally remembered to bring binoculars and could see clear to Lake Champlain and Vermont. It’s a fabulous spot to hike to and spend time on the rocks for lunch. We forgot lunch. Happily the black flies were still sleeping.

Hurricane fire tower

The fire tower is a little too rickety for my taste to ascend and it’s one of those instances when the view can’t get much better. The fire tower was a target of controversy recently when the DEC wanted to dismantle it. Public sentiment prevailed and the tower remains. It stands as a beacon on the mountain near our house.

Bad hair day

It was a bad hair day but I worked on some self portraits while the others clambered around. Sadly this may be the best of the lot. I’m sporting my new jacket, which was a birthday present. Light, light, light and waterproof AND breathable. Go figure.

Muddy boots

My ability to rock hop across streams is abysmal. I just can’t do it. I tense up and all is lost, even if the water is only 6 inches deep. I gave in and chose to wade through when needed. No pressure. After all, I was wearing wool socks and I could take off my wet boots when I got home.


Ferns were popping their heads through the dead leaves to signal the start of spring in the Adirondacks. We passed two other mothers on the hike. One in her thirties and the other in her eighties. You have to love the Adirondacks!

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