Who cares about taxes

I am the trustee of my parent’s estate, which creates a lot of frustrating paperwork at tax time. Today was gorgeous though and I have shed my cast, so what could I do but take a walk. Tim and I walked to and fro our half mile dirt road, which means that I walked a mile in my boots. Yeah!!!

My new found freedom also enabled me to venture into the local thrift store, which is situated up a long flight of stairs. The first time in 9 weeks! I have sort of hesitated from shopping there since my patients could theoretically come in for an exam and see me in their clothes but what the heck. I was really on a quest for material and fiber but I found a Harris Tweed coat for $5.00!!! I have missed these opportunities for almost two months.

So I am now the proud owner of a Harris Tweed Coat woven in a point twill by James MacDonald! In addition, I found a set of hand embroidered napkins and a table cloth for $3.00. I also spotted a pair of placemats I had crocheted while we were living on our boat and I managed to stop myself from buying them back.

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