Storing my acorns

It’s all about priorities.  Mine are clearly food and fiber.  I am having minor orthopedic surgery and will be out of commission hopefully for no more than a week.  I’m getting my affairs in order.  I’ve loaded the freezer with easy meals and soup so we won’t be eating “Hungry Man”.  In a pinch we have eggs.  More importantly, I have had to think about what projects I want to work on.  There are easy projects for the pain reliever induced hazy days, mildly challenging projects to combat boredom and ones in the design process, which will come together when my mobility improves.

Today there’s chile and beef stew bubbling in the kitchen.  I’ve warped my rigid heddle loom for a simple scarf with beautiful boucle yarn from New Zealand, which will remind me of my travels while I am housebound.  I have a second lining to knit for the pair of fiddlehead mittens, which will be fairly mindless because I can copy the first one.  There are two slip stitch slouch hats I want to make and I have to finish Tim’s doubleknit mittens.  Then I am thinking about starting an overshot project on the floor loom.  Oh yes, I have to quilt my bedspread, and Christmas shop and bake cookies and….yikes!


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