Love is in the air


It’s finally spring in the Adirondacks. We have had plenty of April showers, in fact it has rained all May. The grass needed mowing and the birds are going wild. There are all sorts of feathered visitors at our feeders. Not so much the bird bath but maybe they are waiting for summer warmth. We have at least three ruby throated hummingbirds drinking our homebrew nectar (4:1 water to sugar). This morning, we saw a male perform a courtship dance, flying in a vertical arc, like a “U”, back and forth, over and over again. Then the female came to the feeder and drank primly. I’m not sure if he won her over. Here’s the male stoking up.
We’re investigating ways to stoke ourselves up. We’ve been looking into CSA’s and/or farmstands as a way to continue to eat healthy. Farm stands are only seasonal but a couple of the CSA’s produce all year. I don’t think I will get a garden prepared and planted this year, but maybe next year. In the meantime, we are checking out local produce, dairy products and meat. Sounds like we’ll be tromping through a lot of cow manure to get there.

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