Living off the grid

We have taken our energy source, the sun, for granted this year. With so many sunny days, I haven’t been down to the dank, dark, gloomy basement for a month to check on the batteries. We have 2 solar panels that charge a bank of six batteries (3 sets of two 12 v batteries connected in series to make 24v, then connected in parallel, for you physics buffs). Last year we only had 4 batteries and lots of rainy days and we had to conserve. The only things we power are our well pump (very important for the flush toilet), 3x3x3 foot refrigerator (mildly important if we must eat) and our phones and computers. We have a couple of LED lights scattered through the house,which hardly draw any power. For the most part we wear camping headlamps when the sun sets.

We use a solar shower (a bag of water set in the sun to get warm). Today I had to heat water on the propane stove since the solar shower never warmed up. So far the 2 new batteries are storing more than we need. Where’s the blender?
Mood lighting
The wine glass in the photo poses a dilemma for us. At this point, we are not exactly a welcome presence on this private island. Yet a neighbor gave us two glasses emblazoned with the island logo. Should they stay or should they go…home with us?
It doesn’t look like we can get off the island today so we are going to miss the Red Sox game. Maybe it will be rained out.

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