Another rain day

So it’s clear that a gale keeps the local lobsterman home and off the water. It’s strange to see an empty harbor with no boats circling around their pots. We’re used to seeing fisherman from dawn to dark. There was only one motor boat yesterday and today. It had a serious pilot house but I don’t think it was the harbormaster. After hitting some pretty big waves, it turned around and tucked behind an island.

. P8230118.JPG

For the first time all summer, we’ve had to remain indoors. This may be a preview of the weather (this actually may be nicer) we will encounter on Deal Island, Tasmania.


  Our whaler is riding comfortably at its mooring and the dinghy is safely ashore.

Yesterday we thought we saw a coal tanker waiting to enter the harbor but it never did and was gone this morning. P8230045.JPG

Tim’s working on indoor projects. I’m cooking and knitting for a change. Now we have to see if we can get ashore tomorrow for the Red Sox game and hope it doesn’t get rained out.

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