Stony Brook from the Sound

After spending 12 years here, Stony Brook Hospital looks much better from the boat.  Premed, medical school and residency.  Now look at me.

Tim’s take on the trashed boat in Setauket

We’ve made tracks over the past week or so and are now in limbo.  We are waiting to hear when we can close on the house in the Adirondacks.  In the meantime, it’s getting a little cold on the boat and we are all ready to head ashore.  I’m in my home waters now, passed my alma mater and spent several days in Huntington Harbor, while it rained.  It was great.  i caught up with Cooper and yesterday, we went into Manhattan and visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Today we headed to a beautiful anchorage but it was littered with BS signs.  Only in NY.  The entrance said inlet was not navigable and within it there were signs posted that said private inlet.  Can’t Happen!!  I don’t think land can be owned in NY below the high tide line and since we haven’t run aground, we must be ok.  Entitled New Yorkers.  nothing could be worse.  Oh yes, something could be worse.  false advertising for the PODS company.  We are waiting to move.  We ran around like maniacs getting all the paperwork we needed to close on the house in the Adirondacks.  Now there is some delay and in addition – the PODS can’t be delivered to the house so we have to hire another mover.  What a ripoff and an example of misleading or false advertising.  Feels great to rant.  Now I have to turn over the computer to the Yankees.

Last 3 stitches of handspun shawl

Sky over Eaton’s Neck

Huntington Lighthouse

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