Watch cats

We’re safe at night.  No ghosts ramblings and the cats look out for us when they’re not sleeping.  We’ve been settling into our summer home and finally have it in a presentable state.

The computer room

What you can’t tell is that the table is only 18 inches off the ground and DH is sitting on a beach chair.


Refrigerator high


Looking through the front porch


Note the toilet repair kit close at hand

View from the prison cell

Very comfy bed, I sleep 9 hours straight

Looking out from bed, which I do when I’m not sleeping 9 hours

Tower from the beach

Our link to land


2 thoughts on “Watch cats

  1. so, I have spent the past 45 minutes catching up with your blog and am dizzy with the activity!! my god, you have been busy with all kinds of adventures! I, on the other hand, continue to do nothing!


  2. Hi Lynne,
    Pam and I are looking at your blog!!! The view is awesome but the fridge needs to be upgraded!! We miss you terribly and when are you coming back.
    Also, do you have any suggestions on where to stay overnight on fire island. Not at a haunted lighthouse…..

    Everything here is the same, except we don’t have you…. 😦
    Good for you but bad for us!!!

    Talk to you soon,


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