Spring contrasts

We had a last visit from old man winter, with a wet heavy snowfall. Tim, is my intrepid snowman. I didn’t even have to manhandle the snow blower for this one.


Instead I headed south to an acupuncture conference in Pittsburg, which is a much nicer city than I expected.  IMG_0754Food was great, but keep in mind I live in a town with only one restaurant. My hotel room overlooked the convergence of three rivers and there were lovely walks along their shores, even if the weather was a bit dreary.

Trees were flowering and daffodils were in full bloom.

I had to travel to Long Island for a sad gathering and we stayed in a motel where they had an unimaginative decorating scheme.  The room had two of the same pictures, but one was hung upside down for variety. Hmmm.


I returned home to confused weather.  The temperature rose to 60 degrees but ice floes and snow piles remain for a little bit longer but


there is hanky panky in the air.  Different birds show up every day, bluebirds have been sighted, peepers are peeping, phoebes are phoebeeing, and our local Toms are strutting their stuff. Love is in the air.


A bunch of turkeys

And they’re not even politicians.  They were spotted around the bird feeder when I headed to work today.  There they were when I got home from work too but I didn’t have a camera to catch them flying over my car and the house. Going for the easy meal and taking it out of the mouths of the chickadees, goldfinch and cardinals.