And so it is Christmas…

Or I hope it will be. In the middle of the Omicron surge, I feel as if I will be lucky to test negative tomorrow before my immediate family gathers for the first time in two years.

Even though I have had two years, I only started knitting gifts after the this December. 25th, and I’ve been busy. This is just a preview. The rest is a secret.

A new baby was born during these crazy times so I made him a quilt to welcome home to the world.

I revamped my workspace after my worktable had a breakdown. It was formerly my dining table and the first piece of (used) furniture I bought 23 years ago but it isn’t sturdy enough to support my habits – the latest related to a very heavy knitting machine.

Time for it to move on. It will still be fine for dining as long as the meal is not too heavy! I have placed this one in its stead.

Small and sturdy.

Here’s to the next 23 years.