I’m puzzled by the lights and dark

Plural lights and singular dark.  I finished sewing the blocks for the kaleidoscope quilt I began in the spring. The pattern creates optical illusions, which intrigue me.   I followed the lights and darks of the pattern obsessively with the intent of piecing the four different blocks: A-B-A-B…C-D-C-D; very orderly , very simple.  Not!  When the blocks were carefully laid out in order, they looked too orderly.  I was stumped.  Every time I went into my work room, I moved a few pieces around.  Then I slept on it, not literally on it, but in spirit, and when I woke up I decided to throw order out the window, mostly, and just lay them out randomly.  Now I’ve been moving the random pieces around so they are almost ordered.  I didn’t expect such a contrast from the the lights and the dark.  The light components jump off the quilt while the dark ones recede and go into hiding.


I’m not sure which version awaits me.  I think I just have to stop looking and start sewing.

The other light is an outdoor light fixture I have puzzled over for several hours, took apart the light, the switch and now Tim has tested it with different fixtures.  Apparently it’s the wiring.  We’ll leave that one in the dark for now.

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