Can’t resist a contest

It’s true. I occasionally buy lottery scratch off cards and have won as much as a new card…and so on. I received a contest offer in my inbox today, I couldn’t resist. Halcyon Yarn is offering the chance to win your “wishlist”.

I think I need an inkle loom, my home grown dyes didn’t work, and, since I have been a Seguin Island caretaker for 5 years! I “need” to weave the placemats they designed for the catalog they shot on the Island when I wasn’t there!!!

So, here ‘s my wishlist I share with you.

I encourage you to enter too, even though that puts you in direct competition with me. What the heck, someone ought to win.

Until then, I’ve been knitting, weaving and even spinning and oh yes, my son got married and had a gala event!

These two hats headed off to my daughter yesterday for two friends who requested an orange bearded hat and a black hat with electric. I think I met the requirements.

For some reason, I had fur yarn and knit the Rather Fun Bearded Hat with a crocheted hat, Chunky Men’s Hat, both of which were free, fun patterns. The other is a variation of Wurm.



I still have yards of warp on my table loom and have been playing with a Swedish weave structure called Krokbragd. I was unimpressed initially until I realized my pattern was actually on the reverse side.