Time for a vacation from our island paradise

We’re heading to the Olympic National Park for a few days. Tim planned it out for us, the weather should be terrific although there have been gale winds all day today. So I finally looked at the details of the trip. Weather, check, reservation dates, check, then I looked up the details. Our friends had such good luck with Airbnb that Tim booked his first reservation. I went to the photos.

I know tiny houses are all the rage, we have one at home. And love it. Our first reservation describes itself as a micro cabin. Not tiny house, micro cabin! The photo reveals it all, the structure is only large enough to shelter one bed! The cooking and other necessary facilities are outside! There’s a Coleman camp stove to cook, no running water or lights. The listing says bring a flashlight! Living in the lap of luxury, that’s me. It looks like the bed may turn into a seesaw if I’m not careful. One of us will have roll to the middle when the other gets out of bed.


I can’t wait to see what the next night will bring. It’s a good thing I signed up for a travel rewards credit card for the trips I book.

This morning this family ran in front of the truck on my back from the marina.

A nice break from the seagulls.

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