Grey day at Storm King

We drove south today to look at a couple of boats for sale. It iS so disheartening. They look good online and at first glance. Closer inspection reveals problems — big problems! Like the bolts that help keep the mast (that tall thing for the sails) upright are screwed into a thin plate of rust with absolutely no strength. It’s hard to overlook a problem like that.

The day wasn’t a complete loss other than eight hours is driving. I started knitting a new pair of socks for myself and we visited Storm King Art Center. I visited here years ago and remember this amazing stone wall.


I used to work downtown manhattan and the building was known as the Red Cube because of a sculpture by Noguchi. Right when I mentioned his name, we found a sculpture by him! Go figure. Tim tried lounging on it.


We capped off the day by eating dinner at one of the student restaurants at the Culinary Institute of America. The food and service were outstanding. Next time we look at a disaster boat, dinner here can make it all seem fine.

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