Home improvements

Our rustic bench

I asked for a porch bench  to change my boots and Santa delivered.  He had his elves working in the garage and basement while I was incapacitated and couldn’t peek.  I heard chainsaws, hammers and smelled lots of varnish.  It’s perfect.  It’s very stable, even on crutches, and the right height.  Now I can change my salt covered, muddy boots outdoors and the other elves won’t have to wash the floor as much.

Our inner chill may be resolved.  We have a ceiling fan, which we keep on all winter with the blades rotating counter-clockwise.  This always seems counter-intuitive to me.  Hot air rises and I thought you would want to send it back down.  Using the trusty right hand rule, I can tell that counterclockwise means the force is heading up.  But by drawing it up, the warm air hits the ceiling and then slides back down the walls.  If you sit near the wall, you can feel the warm air pass by.  So, even though we turn the heater way down at night, we have kept the fan on the last couple of nights and we awaken to either none or much less ice on the inner windows.

We’ve had lovely weather, first some light snow, then it warmed up and rained and then the temperature plummeted and now most parking lots and driveways, including ours are sheer ice.  I’ve been using one micro-spike (mini crampon) on my good foot.  I haven’t seen any on the market for crutch tips but there’s another item to add to the inventory of the new store, specializing in items to make life with crutches easier.  Maybe I should call it, “Hopping to Happiness” or “Crutch Cache”.  It will include thermoses with handles, oversized mugs and bowls to reduce spillage, micro-spikes, an all purpose carry bag and a crutch holder to prevent them from crashing to the floor any time they are propped up.  Oh yes and the cast cozy!  Plus there will be an exercise tape for pre crutch training – upper body and good leg strengthening.  I can see the video now.[category adirondacks] [tags crutches, rustic furniture, bench, ice]

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