Winter preparations begin

Found all my knit hats, mittens and scarves. Chimney swept. Furniture brought in. New snow tires purchased. Yarn acquired. I’m ready for months inside but will be able to get where I need to go with my new snow tires.  I may need them to buy english muffins and cream cheese.

Frozen weeds

I’m baking again and working on english muffins. These look right but there are missing the essential nooks and crannies. I have a recipe for crumpets that makes nooks and crannies but I’m having a hard time finding crumpet rings in the north country.

We’ve finally joined the local CSA – great timing right? – just in time for lots of cabbage, squash and potatoes. But it’s all delicious and fresh and local! Tomorrow is our next pick up; time to clean out the fridge and think of a million things to do with cabbage. So far I only know of cole slaw, risotto and sauerkraut. I’ll have to get that recipe for stuffed cabbage again. I made cream cheese this morning from old yogurt. It mostly tastes like old yogurt but dry. Not all experiments are successful!

English muffins

2 thoughts on “Winter preparations begin

  1. My 2 favorites:
    1. cabbage and noodles – Polish peasant food, especially good with kielbasa and horseradish.
    2. Chinese cole slaw – w. ramen noodles, almonds and toasted sesame seeds.


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