Wind in the Willows or Currents in the Casuarinas

There are lots of casaurina or she oak trees around the island, grouped in forests and alone. They serve as a wind break around the living compound


They also line many of the tracks and occasionally fall over in strong wind. We’ve had three days of gale force winds and Tim found this one downed on the track to Garden Cove.


We’re not authorized to use power tools, (something about insurance and airlifting fingerless caretakers off Deal Island) except for a hand drill, so we set to work sawing and chopping with a hatchet.


I had no idea why all boys love playing with hatchets until I tried it myself. I may need to get one for home. We cut it up into draggable pieces and moved it off the track.



The winds settled down a bit after dinner and we walked up Barn Hill to view the sunset.

P3040156.JPG P3040174.JPG

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