Climbing lightweight

That’s me.

This was the view from a hike Tim and I took this weekend. Beautiful isn’t it? We cross country skied to the trailhead and then donned snowshoes for the rest of the hike. The best part was the gentle rolling ski back.  The problem was that I could barely enjoy it.  We had to climb up a pretty steep section – hands required- which violates one of my main hiking tenets.  I use only my feet.  But Tim was ahead of me, it didn’t look that far…how bad could it get.  I had picked the route which avoided using a ladder so it was basically my choice to come this way.  Good move on Tim’s part because it eliminated any friction over trail choice.  He knew to keep a fare distance ahead of me though.

So after getting around the icy, steep section and then the steep section, and post holing to our knees, we got to these beautiful views.  Instead of enjoying it though, I was thinking:  boy those are dark clouds over there, I hope a storm doesn’t pass while I have to navigate down that steep, icy section.  How am I going to get down that steep, icy section?  Are my snowshoes going to blow away?  Maybe we should go back the ladder way.  This is why I am an almost climber.  This wasn’t even a high peak.

There are 46 “high peaks” in the adirondacks, initially all thought to be over 4000 foot elevation.  It turns out, a few are a touch short but the list remains.  Those who climb all the high peaks are 46’rs.  Maybe I will be 2/3 of a 46’r. This would make me a 31’r.   But now that I look at the view from the comfort of my office, it is pretty awesome.

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