Sailing around the Cape of Brooklyn

We’ve finally made some movement.  We left the Great South Bay out the Fire Island Inlet and headed west.  Our first stop was Jones beach, where we were fogged in for a few days. Then to Rockaway Inlet, where I went ashore and relied on mass transit to get around.  We had dinner at Randazzo’s on Sheepshead Bay, a throwback to my past in Brooklyn 30 years ago!

Winds have been in th 15- 20 knot range and we’ve worked with our reefing system but lost a batten to the seas one day.  We ventured up the East River and met some big boats – almost too close- at Hell Gate.  That day we passed under 9 bridges – all of which we cleared and made it to City Island, where we were able to replace the batten and get ice cream!  Then it got cold and windy again.  We headed to our last home harbor in Cold Spring Harbor and spent several days there and got to see family.

We’ve both been atop the mast with more trips planned.  Most of our rain leaks seem to be in check and we are presently in Stony Brook Harbor.  We biked an hour and a half yesterday to have dinner with friends and I think after we head to Port Jefferson later today when the rain lets up, we’ll pick up the car again.

I’m working with a new photosite and expect to see pics here at any minute.

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