And in the morning…we’ll have waffles!

BreakfastI am so excited.  Since we packed up  all our possessions last spring, I stored my well used and seasoned electric waffle maker.  I love waffles.  In the interim, I have become very creative with different flours, buttermilk and make all sorts of pancakes but they are not the same.  And while Tim has agreed to install an oven on the boat for our year of cruising (he can’t go a year without apple pie) we won’t have the power for an electric griddle on the boat or next  summer when we move to Massacussetts as lighthouse keepers.  Essentially we will be off the grid for the next couple of years and I need waffles.

So I began investigating waffle irons.  I am reluctant to buy food related items from China and most of the new cast iron waffle makers are made there.  Camp ones seem too flimsy.  Plus I remember a wok from the 70’s that I could never season right.  I am too impatient for the slow, low temperature method and end up burning the oil onto the pan.  Then I found a used, cast iron waffle maker, not belgian, made in Pennsylvania, with innovative handles that stay cool, on ebay – and it was already seasoned!!  It arrived and was clean but seasoned.

Waffle iron

Waffle iron

Now I’m back in waffles and will be set for the next couple of years.  I may get rid of the electric waffle maker when we finally unpack the PODS.  I had a great breakfast and then played some more with kool aid dye and roving.

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