My knitwear is on CNN!

The real focus is Seguin Island Lighthouse and Life as a Remote Island Lighthouse Caretaker. There was a video filmed on that hectic day when the work party came to work on windows and help close up. You can see the video here.

However during the video I managed to wear threefour of my handknit items. It was very cold and damp on the day of the taping, so I wore a handspun headband made with yarn spun by a friend of mine who took care of my wheel when I was living in Australia for five months.

The project information is here.

There’s a very brief glimpse of my fingerless gloves when we haul the dinghy up the beach.

Their project info is here. They are very special because the fiber was gifted to me by a new friend in Tasmania and I spun (on a turkish drop spindle) and knit them during my 3 months on Deal Island, Tasmania in 2010/2011.

At the end (and the beginning but it’s hidden under another layer) is my first sweater, an Aran pullover made, too small, for Tim, so it is mine.

Pattern info is here.

What you can’t see are my hand knit socks. I think I actually wore two pair because my feet got wet in the morning. At least one pair were these, knit on Seguin Island in 2008.


So there’s a hidden story to life on remote islands as well.

Taking stock


We’ve had a couple of days to settle in and meander about the island. It stirs so many memories. We learned so much our first summer as caretakers and got to share it with friends and family and those memories abound: Kristi’s lighthouse door, sanded, steel woolen, painted and painted; Andre working the rider mower ( which is presently disassembled in the whistle house) and his panoramic photo with labels; the Mount brothers’ glass block window in the lighthouse; our first Aldo Leopold bench. Now we rip and saw, carefully, but without hesitation.

The trails are in great shape and the keeper’s quarters are homier than they have ever been. We even have the resident, annual, abandoned, juvenile seagull.


I’ve knit a pair of socks each time I have been here and this trip will produce a new pair. In the meantime, I am wearing the old ones.