Floor work

My recent theme is floors and their coverings. We spent last weekend sanding the paint and stain off our son’s floor. I forgot how hard that job is, especially when the floor has been painted. I spent five hours crouched over an edger. It only took me a few days to stand straight again without groaning.

At home, I’ve been playing with rope mats and rug braiding. My daughter requested this rug, which was sitting around waiting to be finished.

So I finished it and am happy with the results.
Instead of building (further) a yarn stash, I’ve expanded into new media. I am collecting wool fabric from various sources and braiding a rug for the cabin, since I must confess the woven rug has issues. The square one is in the cabin but Tim rejected the tan one, which will be a perfect mat for my spinning wheel (maybe, something about lemons and lemonade).

The braided rug is super smooshy. I’m trying to make sure it lies flat. The metal “Braid Aids” roll the fabric strips so the raw edges are concealed. Pretty sweet.

It lies flat but curves a bit. Next time…

Several families have recently added second babies. I intend to make Aviatrix hats for the babies and We Call them Pirates hats for the older brothers, who already had Santa Cruz Hoodies.

Some where in there I have to make another “climbing deer” hunting hat for a friend who has promised me some venison.