The island’s apple trees are loaded with fruit but located on a ledge, surrounded by poison ivy. Tim loves apple pie and may be immune to poison ivy so he set off and gathered several.

I decided to make a small “pie” as a test. It was pretty delicious.

The summer garden still has lots of basil, mint and yellow squash.

Perhaps tonight we will have escargot!

Machine quilting

Lawn mowing is machine quilting outdoors.
I realized it as I mowed yesterday before we receive another four inches of rain on top of an already soggy summer. Mowing is just like machine quilting where you seek a path, which covers the area, avoids obstacles and looks pleasing.

I didn’t understand this at first. During our first caretaker position on Seguin I remember Tim telling me to mow the lawn in U’s. Head out, make a turn and leave space between the first row which you then mow on the return trip. This sets up a pattern for alternating rows. The grass lies in stripes of opposite directions. I thought he was nuts. Five years later I get it.

My mind is filled with quilting and patterns as I machine quilt my son’s Long Trail quilt.
My little Singer Featherweight is humming along on this king size quilt. I only need to quilt the outer border and nine central motifs. I am following Leah Day’s advice for free motion quilting. I’ve modified a darning foot so it doesn’t hop up and down; my feeder dogs remain up; and my stitch length is the shortest possible. I’ve had the least tension problems I can remember.

I did however almost set the quilt on fire when the little tiny lightbulb scorched the backing. I’ll need to add a patch over it.

Back to mowing. Once I established a pleasing pattern, I was undecided if I wanted to finish the job or leave the pleasing patterns – knowing it will rain too hard the next several days to do anything about it. Tim would love it!




New arrivals

My new trainer arrived yesterday.

<img src="" alt="20130614-100245.jpg" class="alignnone size-full"

It’s very colorful, weighs three pounds and breaks down into segments for travel. Just what I need on a tiny island.

Apparently, hula hooping is the latest craze. This isn’t your lightweight Whamo version. It’s hefty and promises bruising the first couple of weeks. The instructions recommend limiting hooping to one to three minutes daily, initially. My friend told me about it, my librarian is already doing it and others know about it. Must get out of my vacuum.

This morning, I heard a new bird song outside the bedroom and was trying to find it on my Audobon birding app. I couldn’t identify the call but I attracted a cheeky, little American Goldfinch to the window.