My fall into spring

We’re back home in the Adirondacks.  There’s still some snow on the ground and the rivers and lakes are high.  Our last three weeks in New Zealand were pushing into fall and we were in the southern most part of the South Island.  We enjoyed coal stoves in the huts and the heater in our camper van.  We flew from cold fall to cold spring.  But there’s hope for things warming up.  I heard frogs and pheasants and saw turkeys and a bluebird.  The gig is up for the deer though.  I think they have been hanging around the house while we were away. When we were eating dinner the other night, four walked onto the driveway and looked at us as if they were thinking, “what are you doing here?”

Unfortunately, my camera died when we were just taking the boat to the Milford Track’s starting point in New Zealand. So all my photos were taken on my phone.  I brought two cameras and a phone to Deal Island just in case. My new Nikon camera developed a dark spot in the center of every picture.  The Olympus camera’s pop out lens got stuck for the fourth time.  The Nikon is still under warranty, and miraculously I found the paperwork and will send that in.  The Olympus was under a Geek Squad contract and has had three strikes and I am finally entitled to a new camera.  The camera broke on March 27, my contract expired April 8 and I brought it in April 11!!  I pled my case to a sympathetic manager and was granted a new camera.  Woohoo!  I still can’t find my keys and have combed all our bags and the house.  There’s a slim chance I packed them in the box I shipped on the slow boat from Tasmania.  It may get here in a couple of months.  I don’t even remember what I had keys for.  Miraculously, I remembered the combination to the post office box though; not with my mind, with my hands.  Interesting.

These pictures are from the first walk, the Milford Track, one of the finest walks in the world.  We spent 4 days, walking 43.5 kms.  At night, we slept in huts with 40 other hikers.  We were lucky to only have rain one day.  I didn’t cry.

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