Betsy Ross on Deal Island


It was me! We searched for days for the Australian flag and were finally reminded by the Rangers we could find one in a back office drawer. I thought I looked there but no. We found two in various states of tatters.

One was missing a grommet and was frayed. That one is back in the drawer. The other was shredded at the end. But lo and behold, there was also a Brother sewing machine in the same room with manuals and a little thread.

Just like Betsy Ross, I sewed a flag. But it was by machine, already designed and relatively intact. I am standing by the Betsy Ross reference.



5 thoughts on “Betsy Ross on Deal Island

  1. I’m in Aus. and found your blog through an old KnitPicks Podcast. I really enjoy reading your adventures As they come into my Feed. I find it quite touching that you are fixing a flag and thought it important enough to look for one. Thanks for sharing your life.


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