Sweater circle

I have been working with fleece

The fleece made it ashore

from Pam and Gary since August. We carted it to the island off Salem, MA by boston whaler and dinghy. I didn’t have hot water or a bath tub so I washed it in batches with Joy in a spackle bucket


after I trimmed off the dingleberries. It remained in our car while we cruised on the boat for two months. It moved with us into our house in the Adirondacks.

Once we settled in, I started playing with it in January. I hand carded it and spun it P1310090.JPGin a few different weights. Then I designed sweaters for Pam and Gary’s grandkids. I based an Aran sweater P3250073.JPGon one that Tim’s mom had made for Jeremy and Andre 20 years ago.

For the girls, I got colorful. I dyed the yarn with Kool Aid P2230071.JPGand then made two seamless yoke sweaters, one with stripes Kool aid kardiganand the other with a hawaiian flower. Hawaiian sweater I wasn’t sure if I would have enough yarn to finish so the last of the 4 sweaters I knit from cuff to cuff and incorporated all the colors. I think I like the aran and this funky sweater the best. Now all the ends have been trimmed and I am getting ready to send them off. Now what will I do?Cuff to cuff handspun

2 thoughts on “Sweater circle

  1. I made an Aran like that for my daughter about thirty years ago. Then my granddaughter wore it. I had to make it quickly, because it was part of the games uniform at my daughter’s Irish school, during the sabbatical year we spent there.


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