Crowing seagull

I’ve been taking some time to enjoy nature, even the seagulls.  Notice how nice they keep the roof.  Another bird that has been following me around when I mow the lawn is the Eastern Kingbird At first I thought I might have been interfering with its nest when I mowed the lawn but it chased me over 2 acres of mowing.  I think I was stirring up its dinner.  This bee apparently travels with its pollen in sacs on its legs.  Looks like a good haul.

Bee with baggage

Excitement for the day, aside from sanding floors, caulking gutters and painting was the large tanker leaving the harbor.  It never slowed down but we saw the pilot boat leave its stern.

Pilot boat

Local traffic

On another front, I’ve been knitting like crazy with some self imposed deadlines.  Here are my 2 finished projects since I moved onto the boat in May.

Pair of shawls

Print of the waves

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