Taking time to smell the…

Now that summer is here, it feels like it has flown by.  The final push is on to accomplish the major projects: seal all the leaks, paint any unpainted wood, replace gutters and repair windows.  We realize we have a lot of work we would like to complete and have been working hard the past few days.  We scraped, sanded, primed and painted one side of the house and reglazed and painted windows.  When I woke up to have breakfast yesterday, this is the view outside my kitchen window.

We’ve been lucky to have nice weather.  DH is running laps around the property now and I may join him and then jump in the water to cool off.

I’ve been deferring some inside cleaning for the next rainy day and it looks like sun is predicted for the next several days.

The ladder provides a good perspective to watch the local boat traffic.

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