Soggy Spring Sailing

We are slowly working our way east.  We traveled along the Connecticut coast and visited Charles Island, The Thimble Islands and Mystic.  We had our foulies and toured the Mystic seaport in pouting rain.  We were one of 2 visiting boats the weekend we were there.  That’s been our experience in most harbors so far. Not many boaters , yet?.  It’s been wet and cold but I’m not sure if it’s due to that, or the economy.  We’re bound to run into nice weather at some point and then we’ll know.

We spent a few days on Block Island and we had a glimpse of summer weather. We arrived in afternoon fog, but then enjoyed a couple of sunny days and biked all around the island.  Not much has changed in the 30 years that I’ve been going there – except for the price of real estate.  Literally a one room shack was on the market for $500K

I spent a rainy day travelling back to Long Island to visit family and bring the car up to New England.  After Block Island we travelled to Point Judith and yesterday sailed into Rhode Island Sound and the southern tip of Naragansett Bay.

I’m trying my hand at whipping and knots – sounds kinky doesn’t it.  Today I mastered a Turk’s head, which is a great flat knot for trivets and rugs.  I bought an awl and have been repairing canvas and the catamaran’s trampoline. Tim was in the dinghy under the boat and he waited while I fed the line to him so he could act as the bobbin tension.

Photos my follow if all goes well with Pixelpipe

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